iPad introduction

Today, my students started using the Word Press app on our new iPads to create their service learning blogs. Students are writing, researching, participating in community service activities, and raising awareness for issues like recycling, mentoring, and homelessness. They are giving of their time with organizations like Sea Haven, the Horry County Solid Waste Authority, and Myrtle Beach Manor.

Students began the process a couple of weeks ago by researching why their issue of interest required community attention. They did this by researching local, state, and national articles and news casts related to their issues and following the service learning proposal template found in Cathryn Berger Kaye’s Complete Guide to Service Learning. After researching, writing, and revising, students began building their blogs via Word Press today in class and uploaded the service learning proposals they feel demonstrate the need for community action in Horry County.

Here are some student reflections on today’s work:

“I really like the new blog idea. It’s just hard to learn it on the iPad but I should get it within the next week.” -Ayeshah

“Loved it. Enjoyed the new technology and the individual learning.” -Isabelle

“love how we now get to show the world how passionate we are.” -Kelly

“I like the interactive technology seems interesting!” -Anthony

“At first I did not like the Ipads, but after getting use to them I feel that they can help us with are blogs.” -Evan

“Using the ipad was confusing for the first day. For example, i wasnt able to sign up or log out of another student’s blog. After a while of working with it next week maybe it will help benefit my blog.” -Timmy

“I think that the IPads are super cool, and I think that they will be able to help us make our blogs look great!!!!(:” -Caroline

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