Annotation Exploration with PaperPort Notes and Crocodoc

This week, our English IV classes have been studying Macbeth. Since we’ve been focusing on marking the text and other critical and close reading strategies, I didn’t want to stop working with reading strategies because we were reading a play, but critical reading strategies are often difficult and boring when using the regular text book. But no worries because last week when I was reading the Twitter stream, I discovered the Burlington High School High School Help Desk Blog,Top iPad Apps for PDF Files. One of my colleagues and I had been looking for a free pdf reader to use with the iPads, so we were really excited about the prospect of using

with our students. So far, the app has worked great! Those students who prefer to use the laptops instead of the iPads participate similarly with

and I use crocodoc to model the process of annotating and marking on the big screen as well.

Here is how I model the process for students using crocodoc:




And here are some shots of student work using the PaperPort Notes app for iPad to read and annotate the play…






And here are students’ thoughts about the process…

Overall, the initial use of the app has been successful, so we’ll keep at it and let you know what we’re up to next. And special thanks to for the full text pdf of Macbeth!


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