Students Create Grammar Tutorials

Students in my Advanced Grammar and Composition classes paired up to teach grammar concepts they felt they knew particularly well. This assignment took the place of their last test grade as they demonstrated how they would teach their favorite concept to someone else. The videos shown below were produced using a variety of software and iPad apps. Some students used the ShowMe app for iPad, others used a combination of Microsoft PowerPoint and PhotoStory but uploaded and shared the video using YouTube. Still other students used Prezi and Screencast-o-matic. Regardless of the tools used, all demonstrate their ability to use technology to create and teach a grammar concept to someone else.

None of these students had professional development in how to implement software in the classroom. They just played until they found the tools that worked best for them. I played technology troubleshooter and grammar editor when needed. With time to play and create, students were able to effectively demonstrate what they knew and hopefully teach someone else in the process.